Depending on the following factors, the cost of a wood fence can vary: the measurement of the fence, its height and its width, installing or replacing and or hiring a contractor or making it a 'do it yourself' project and the cost of the materials within your area. To determine its cost, measuring the area is a very huge part. For example, if the area is smaller in relativity to a bigger area, then it has a big possibility that it can cause less. Using a reel tape measure, measure the area of the property then divide it by eight as most wood fences are installed in 8 foot sections. To get a rough estimate, pace off the distance or if you have an existing fence, count the existing posts and measure the length of a panel. Another thing that causes a big impact on the cost is the fence's height. In suburban privacy fences, most are six foot tall in many different styles. For additional security, eight and ten foot heights are also an option, for sound control purposes or to obscure eyesores. 

The second biggest factor to be considered is the cost of materials, including cost of wood fence. Some people usually use galvanized steel posts or 4 by 4 wooden posts, pressure treated 2 by 4 wood for fence rails and cedar wood or pine for the pickets. There are a lot of options to choose from  and it usually costs more. To change the appearance or aesthetics of the fence, upgrading the wood grade and and the application of sealants or stains to beautify and protect the wood can be included for longer life. 

When you install a new fence, do not forget the cost of site in the preparation of the installments and the digging up of the post holes. The trees and other plants in the fence line is recommended to be removed to make room for the new installment. It is difficult to dig up the fence post holes in rocky soil conditions, the same as marshy or sandy soil conditions and it may require additional groundwork to ensure that the posts are steady and secure without leaning. Another factor that causes fence installation cost to be more is when the posts and fence are being installed in a difficult terrain. It is also a challenge when you choose to replace your existing fence. In a lot of cases, it is considered to be an advantage to reuse the existing post holes of the fence which means that it is a must that the current posts to be removed. Even rotten, broken posts that is set on concrete footings can be pulled out by The Wood Post Puller. 

It is a general rule that you should estimate the cost of your home improvement projects and calculate the cost of materials and double it to determine the total cost of the project when of use of a contractor. Visit for more.
Installing Wooden Fences